Final music video

Monday, 20 March 2017

Evaluation of the Final Music Video

Below I will show you some screen shots of my final Music video and explain why I have used them.

The picture above is of the first shot of my music video. It shows the younger boy (Fin) walking along with his guitar along a forest path, and the title can also be seen. I choose to add the Title at the begin because this is something that is done often in videos of my genre and it was also done in the official music video of my song. I choose to shoot this in a fixed camera angle with Fin walking into shot and down the path. I did this because it fits with the theme of Fin being on a journey throughout the video, which also relates to the theme of the song.

This picture is from one of my lip-sync scenes of the older boy (angus). I choose to film this in the same location as the first shot and connect the two scenes with a pan cut. This was done to make the audience perceive that Angus was singing about his younger self. portrayed by Fin. I again choose a fixed camera angle and positioned Angus in the middle so that he is easily seen. I wanted to differentiate between the Angus as the  older version and Fin as the younger version so I decided to make these lip syncing scenes in black and white as well as adding some grain to make the footage look old. I also choose the theme of Fin walking past Angus in the first shot to give a sense of Angus telling a story about his boyhood starting with Fin being his memory walking away from him at that point.

I choose cut to hands playing a piano in inter walls to bridge some gaps in the song, I thought the addition of a visual representation of the music was something that traditionally can often be  found in music videos of my genre.

This section of the lip-syncing was shot in front of a green screen. I later added a wooden background and  a spotlight to make it look like he was singing this on a stage, the spotlight had an additional use of being used as a focus on Angus to divert from the empty space around him. I though this would be a good idea to do since a theme of the song is how he had a dream,and all he wanted to do is play his guitar. This made it sound like that as a boy all he wanted to is to become a musician when he grew up. So by putting him on a stage while singing about his childhood memories made a lot of sense to me since it shows how his childhood dreams have come true.

I wanted to talk about the scenes at the beach or near the water. While not directly linked to the meaning of the lyrics or the song overall. I wanted Fin to travel to a relatively isolated place, since the the lyrics of the song a very personal and suggest that all he wanted to do was to be alone with his guitar.

Towards the end of the video I had a time laps and some videos of birds flying. Since the weren't any lyrics to follow at that point I wanted to symbolise the passing of time and I did so by filming the bay which also links in with the rest of the narrative of the video. and the birds leaving and flying. I wanted to symbolise the passing of time the very last shot is of Angus again in his "stage" setting singing the last line being "When I was a boy" this wrapped up his reminiscence of his childhood, as time moves on in his mind and he finds himself back in the present.